1. What is Natural Skin Care and why is it better

Natural Skin Care regimen uses ingredients that are derived from the leaves, roots, seeds and flowers of plants and trees.It does not use harsh chemicals such as parabens, phosphates, phthalates that are known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Thus Natural Skin Care works in two ways: Eliminates your chances of exposure to harsh chemicals and provides your skin with the healing and nourishing touch of natural ingredients. Body Tree skin care range is responsibly-made with natural ingredients. Everything is made by hand in small batches, with some of the ingredients used in the products being sourced and grown locally. We strive to deliver the goodness of mother earth without contaminating it with chemicals.

2. Do you test your products on animals?

We are against animal testing and our products are not tested on animals.

3. Tell me more about the shelf life of the product.

The shelf life of Body Tree products is short when compared to standard skin care products available in the market. Standard skin care products are filled with preservatives to ensure a shelf life of 2- 3 years. Our products have a shelf life ranging from 6 months to 1 year. We at Body Tree do not use harmful chemical preservatives in the products to increase its shelf life. In short, we are proud of the shorter shelf life of our products. However preservatives-free products demand care from your side. Please ensurenot to get water inside the container. The products must be stored in a relatively dry and non-humid area to minimize spoilage.

4. Are these products hypoallergenic?

Natural skin care products are usually hypoallergenic. The healing natural ingredients in them work against rashes, redness and breakouts. However we recommend doing a patch test whenever you try a new product if you are prone to allergies and hives.

5. How do Ido a patch test?

It is very simple. Take a small amount of the product and apply it on your wrists,elbows or behind the ears. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse off. If redness or rashes appears immediately or within 24 hours please discontinue usage of the specific product. If not you may go onto use the product.

6. Why are your products packed in heavy glass or steel bottles?

Skin care industry uses plastic packaging material as it makes handling products convenient and products can be displayed attractively on store shelves. Though they may look attractive they are made of cheap plastic resulting in leaching of chemicals into the products. Also these plastic packaging materials are discarded after single usage, thus polluting the soil and water bodies. As a socially responsible and environmentally committed company we strive towards green packaging. It is a conscious decision on our part to use glass and steel bottles as there will be no leaching and these bottles can be reused in your home environment.


7. Why shouldI switch from my store-bought soap?

The soaps which you buy from stores are a concoction of harsh chemicals and detergents. They contain artificial lather boosters, phosphates,phthalates, synthetic colours,and synthetic fragrances. Glycerine is one of the natural by-products of soap making and this moisturizing agent is removed from store-bought soaps. The resulting soap strips the natural oils from the skin, leaving it dull and dry and exposes your skin to a host of unwanted chemicals witheach shower. These soaps are not only detrimental to your health but they also contaminate water bodies in the long run. If you care for your health and the sustainability of the environment switch to Body Tree Soaps.

8. How is Body Tree Soaps different from store-bought soaps?

Body Tree Soaps are made with pure vegetable oils, healing essential oils and nourishing herbs. These rich natural soaps are made in small batches using the cold process method to retain the healing properties of the oils and herbs.They are air-dried and aged for a minimum of four weeks to produce a mild, gentle and long lasting bar that is high in glycerine content. They contain natural colouring agents and exfoliants such as leaves and roots of herbs and plants.The luxurious lather of Body Tree Soaps exfoliates gently and cleanses deeply. Body Tree Soaps are handcrafted with care to leave your skin soft, smooth and glowing. The water resulting from the bath can be used directly to water your household plants.

9. What is cold process method and why is it preferred over melt and pour?

Body Tree Soaps are artisan soaps made using the cold process method. In cold process soap-making the soap is made from scratch using vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide and essential oils. The ingredients are never heated. Cold process soap-making retains the healing and nourishing qualities of the natural ingredients. Melt and pour soap-making uses mass produced bases which are melted to add colour and fragrance. Melt and pour soaps are easy to make but the maker has no control over the base ingredients.

10. What is Sodium Hydroxide and why is it used in a natural soap?

Soap cannot be made without sodium hydroxide. It is a strong alkali. During saponification (the process of soap-making) the alkali reacts with the acids in the vegetable oil creating soap. The soap resulting from saponification does not have alkaline or acidic properties. That means the final product you use does not have any sodium hydroxide in it.

11. How long will my soap last?

We assure 30-40 washes if you do not soak it in a soap tray every time. Place the soap in a dry and raised soap tray with adequate drainage after each use. There is no other magic trick to save the soap.

12. Who can use Body Tree Soap?

Body Tree Soap is ideal for all age groups including babies, kids, teenagers, women, and men.  They work equally well on both mature and tender skin.

Body Scrubs (Citrus Splash Body Scrub, Floral Treat Body Scrub)

13. How long will they last?

They can be used for up to 6-8 washes. A little goes a long way.

14. Should I use soap after using the body scrub?

The Body Tree Sugar Scrubs are totally soap-free and they do not lather. If you rinse them off with water alone you will find that your skin is a bit sticky and oily to the touch.Wait for an hour; all the stickiness will be absorbed by your skin leaving it super soft and smooth. But if you think it is too oily for your taste just rinse it off with any soap from the Body Tree handmade range.

15. Can I use the Body Scrub on my face?

Yes. You can use them on the face. But you should be careful not to scratch your face with rough movements as the granule size of the scrub is designed for body scrubbing.

16. How often can I use it?

Once or twice a week is sufficient for exfoliation. But there is no harm in using them more often.

Choco Honey Lip Scrub

17. How long will it last?

One bottle will last for roughly 15 usages. However one should not scoop the product out with wet fingers. Always use a dry spatula for scooping.

18. How often should I use the lip scrub?

Once a week is sufficient for lip exfoliation. However there is no harm in using the lip scrub more than once in a week.

19. Should I use lip balm after using the lip scrub?

Yes. For better results it is recommended that you use the lip balm after using the lip scrub.

20. Who can use the lip scrub?

Kids, teenagers,women and men. Not recommended for babies.

Butters and Balms (Nourish Body Butter, Hand and Foot Butter, Lip Balm)

21. Do they work on all skin types?

Body Tree Butters and Balms work in multiple ways and on multiple skin types. This means you do not have to spend a fortune on sorting out the correct product for your skin type. You only have to adjust the amount you are applying. Oily skin will only need a small quantity of the butter. Dry skin will need more butter. Yes, it is that simple!

22. What should I do if the butter melts in transit?

Since Body Tree Butters and Balms do not use any fixatives they might melt athigh temperatures. Just refrigerate them for an hour before opening. With melting only the consistency of the product changes not the efficacy.

23. What is the shelf life of the butters and balms?

It varies from 6 months to 1 year. Please check the bottles for exact information on shelf life and manufacturing date.

24. Can the body butter be used as a leave-in-conditioner?

Yes. You can use the body butter on hair and scalp before or after shower. They provide intense moisturizing. And they could also be used as styling gels.

25. Can I leavethe butter on overnight?

These butters give best results when they are applied overnight. They work throughout the night leaving your skin hydrated.

26. Can I use the body butter on the face?

Yes. They can be used on the face. Remember a little goes a long way.

Reetha and Hibiscus Hair Cleanser

27. How is it different from commercial shampoos?

Store-bought shampoos are chemical cleansers. They have a high pHvalue and using them disrupts the acid mantle of the scalp. Body Tree hair cleanser combines the goodness of many medicinal herbs that have been used widely for hair care through the centuries in India. They have a naturally low pHvalue. They nurture the acid mantle of the scalp and thus make hair strong and healthy. There is no need to worry about bio accumulation with this hair cleanser.

28. Does it reduce hair fall?

Yes. If you have an otherwise healthy hair and scalp it will reduce hair fall. However, hair fall can be caused by many conditions from hormonal imbalance, medication to salinity of the water. Body Tree Hair Cleanser cannot reverse these extraneous adverse factors.

29. How often can I use them?

They can be included in your daily hair wash regimen if you wish to do so. They are totally safe for frequent use. This cleanser makes an excellent hair pack if combined with coconut milk or apple cider vinegar.

30. Who can use it?

Kids, teenagers,women, and men. Not recommended for babies. Please do a patch test if you have dust allergy as the product is a coarse powder.

Brown Rice and Lavender Face Cleanser

31. Why shouldI switch to Body Tree Face Cleanser?

Body Tree Face Cleanser contains the goodness of brown rice and lavender and a number of skin protecting herbs such as neem, amla, lemon peel powder, etc. This face cleanser is formulated to gently remove impurities and dirt from the face. The lavender oil in the cleanser acts as a skin toner.

32. How often should I use the cleanser?

It is a daily face cleanser. It may also be used as a face pack when combined with coconut milk or honey.

33. How long will it last?

One packet lasts for roughly 75 washes.

34. Who can use it?

Kids, teenagers,women and men. Not recommended for babies. Please do a patch test if you have dust allergy as the product is a coarse powder.

Rhassoul Clay Face Mask

35. How often should I use the mask?

Once a week is ideal for exfoliation.

36. How long will it last?

It lasts for roughly 15 usages.

37. Can I use it on my hair?

Yes. Rhassoul clay can be used to make a hair mask too.

38. Who can use it?

Teenagers, women and men. Not recommended for babies or kids. Please do a patch test if you have dust allergy as the product is a fine powder.


39. How can I order customized skin care products from Body Tree?

We are happy to customize our products to cater to your special needs. There will be a minimum order quantity for customization. Write to us at with your customization requirement. Please try to be as specific as possible regarding your requirement for speedy and efficient processing.


40. How can I gift Body Tree products?

Personalized Gifting

Body Tree’s products are not just soothing to your skin. They also come wrapped in visually attractive hampers. A great gift is born when you chose us as your gifting partner. You can create a personalized set from the products available! You can also choose from our range of different packaging options. Our packaging is as green as our products. Our gifts are ideal for-

  • Weddings
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthdays& Anniversaries
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Housewarming occasions
  • Mother’s Day& Father’s Day
  • New Mother & Baby
  • Birth Announcements
  • Festival

For further details contact us at

Corporate Gifting

At Body Tree we offer a wide selection of gift hampers which can be customized on a minimum order quantity basis. For further details contact us at