Body Tree Naturals is an environmentally conscious, socially committed skin and hair care line. Our motto ‘Gentle on skin, gentle on earth’ reflects our core philosophy. From sourcing ingredients to packing the finished product we employ green principles every step of the way. We, at Body Tree, create skin and hair care products that are safe, simple and sustainable.


Body Tree products are safe for use on tender and mature skin. They do not lead to bio-accumulation. They are made with natural and organic ingredients that are totally safe for repeated use on the body. They do not expose your body to unwanted chemicals in the form of colorants, preservatives, and perfumes. They are free from parabens, phthalates, phosphates and sulphates.


Body Tree products are simple. Our ingredient label is the proof to this claim. You will not find any difficult to understand ingredients on the label. We consider ourselves as an intermediary between you and the goodness of mother earth. We just bottle this naturally abundant goodness for you without any added preservatives or colours. Safety and simplicity are at the heart of Body Tree product line. No fancy ingredients. No false promises.


Body Tree products do not pollute the soil or the water bodies. After you use Body Tree products, water from your wash or bath can be easily re-used for watering plants without any chemical treatment. Our products do not contain detergents or nasty petrochemicals and thus will not contribute to foaming lakes and toxic canals.

We are aware of the carbon footprint we leave on our planet and have taken pro-active measures to reduce the same. All our ingredients are natural and organic and are sourced from local farms whenever possible.Our formulations also reflect our commitment to a greener planet. You will not see Shea butter and cocoa butter in our products. They are replaced with the amazing regionally-produced tropical Indian butters such as mango butter and kokum butter.

Our packaging is totally recyclable. All the products are packed in paper boxes or glass bottles. You will hardly find any plastic in the packaging. The paper boxes are compostable and the glass bottles can be recycled at home.